Do you have a million things to sort out and not enough hours in the day to deal with them? I can help you to get stuff done.

A never ending to-do list can be hard to face,  leaving you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. I work with you offering practical advice and support.  Together we will create order out of chaos to help get you back in control at home.


Each job is unique, as is each client. Here's just some of the ways I can help:

  • Decluttering of bedrooms, home office, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets, toy cupboards, loft or basement storage

  • Organising your filing and paperwork, to help stay on top of bills and household information

  • Sensitive handling of belongings post bereavement or separation, helping you to move on

  • Packing and unpacking assistance for people who are moving home or downsizing

  • Careful sorting and storage of personal mementos and cherished keepsakes


Here's what my clients say ..........

I bought and sold a house this summer with a 6 week turnaround and went into a state of blind panic. Some-one recommended I call Judi and it was the best decision I could have made. She calmly went through each room of my house and helped me declutter 15 years worth of baggage and then helped me sort, label and box up everything that I was keeping so that it was ready for the move. When I moved into my new house it was such an easy and smooth process as I literally could unpack each box into each room knowing everything I took with me was essential and nothing needed sorting or throwing out at the other end.
— Katie T, Finchley
I knew what needed to be done; the problem was doing it. My cupboards were full to bursting; not just 30 years of clapped-out clothing - food for moths - but the notorious “museum of gadgetry”, a stack of antique computers (and peripherals), which had spun their last floppy disks back in the 90s.

Judi has been the ideal person to help turn this situation around. Overflowing with energy, but always diplomatic, and practical, she restored my cupboards to sanity; the moths have a lean and hungry look now, and the IT curiosities have gone for good. I’m truly grateful for her hard work.
— A.D, Cricklewood
My kitchen was in a bit of a mess; I love to cook, but every time I used my kitchen I would get irritated with over crowded cupboards and too much tupperware falling out. I would spend half my time trying to find the item I needed before I could actually get any cooking done. Judi came round and in one morning transformed my kitchen. She helped me see that I didn’t need a lot of the stuff I had accumulated and helped me organise my kitchen better so that everything is in a logical place and easy to find. I now really enjoy using the kitchen and get pleasure whenever I see my clear and uncluttered surfaces and cupboards.
— Karen A, Muswell Hill
I have recently moved back into my house after extensive building work. It has very long hallways and landings, which had become clogged up with all the belongings that were displaced during the refurbishment. I have a hectic life - juggling work, voluntary commitments and three young children, so I just haven’t had the time or the headspace to deal with it all.

Judi came round and we set to work straight away. After just two hours, all my halls and landings were cleared and we had bags and bags of rubbish and stuff to give away. I knew what needed to be done, but Judi coming over really motivated me to clear my diary and prioritise the housework for once. I felt so pleased with the results that the next day, when a work meeting was cancelled, I rushed home and started on the children’s rooms!
— Emma C, Highgate
More than 3 years have gone by postponing the clearance of my huge garage, which was full to the ceiling. Each year I would give up because the task seemed impossible on my own. My home was also getting out of control - 13 years of collecting stuff, 2 house moves and 2 children took their toll.

Judi came to the rescue. Her expertise and practical advise is just what I needed - I was not alone anymore! We started bit by bit to unclutter and make quick decisions - not easy but necessary, with her hands-on approach. I can’t thank her enough for making this happen.
— Robi R, New Southgate
I have been a full-time carer for my husband for the past nine years and so my paperwork had got completely out of hand. I was wasting precious time looking for things, which was very stressful; I was really desperate for some help.

In stepped Judi. She has created an entirely new useable filing system for me and condensed over 30 years worth of accumulation. She is extremely tactful, obliging and non-judgmental – essential skills for dealing with a person like me who is reluctant to dispose of anything.

I dreaded Judi coming because I felt so guilty for letting my paperwork get into that state, but now I just feel immense relief. More importantly, she gave me the motivation I needed to get back in charge of my own affairs.
— Alison T, Totteridge
What a difference a day can make with the wonderful, unobtrusive, insightful and sympathetic Judi!

It is so liberating to be free of years worth of clutter, stuff and things kept but honestly not really needed. I could not have even contemplated doing it alone or unaided. I have space which is airy, free and so valuable, thanks to Judi.
— Robbie W, Hampstead
In just three sessions Judi helped to get our paperwork in order and then set up a comprehensive and easy to use filing system. Methodical, consultative and practical in her approach, we’ve managed to drastically reduce the amount of paperwork we need to keep and feel confident we’ll be able to keep the system going.
— Alastair T, Hampstead Garden Suburb
I can highly recommend Judi. After making some changes to my storage in the kids’ playroom and kitchen, Judi came in yesterday and in just two and a half hours totally rearranged my kitchen cupboards. It works! Everything is where it should be. Thank you Judi, it would have taken me days and days to do myself, and the results wouldn’t have been nearly as good!
— Tali F, Whetstone
We are putting our house on the market and needed to declutter. We approached Judi as we thought it would be easier to have an expert helping us, rather than trying to do it all ourselves – and that proved to be a very sound decision. Judi’s calm, methodical approach was spot on and in three days, we got rid of tons of junk and reorganised everything we wanted to keep. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Judi
— Jenny P, Mill Hill